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The Merchant Navy Course is a preparatory programme created to assist students in laying a solid groundwork for the Merchant Navy entrance exam. Through entrance exams like IMU CET, JEE Main, TMI-BITS-EE admission to merchant navy courses is granted. In order to prepare for such examinations, students might need to join the best Dehradun merchant navy institute. RANTRA offers one of the best courses for preparation of AFCAT Examinations with experienced faculty and student-focused curriculum.

Students who aspire to join the Merchant Navy can enroll at RANTRA, Dehradun merchant navy institute for preparation of the respective examinations. This course covers everything on the syllabus, including Physics, Chemistry, Math, General Aptitude and English. Our best course for the merchant navy program can last for as little as a few weeks to as long as several months. Throughout the course, students receive study materials, practice exams, and mock exams to help them prepare for exams. The goal of our course is to help students develop their problem-solving skills and deep conceptual understanding, both of which are necessary for passing the Merchant Navy exam.

By opting for our best course for merchant navy, Students can improve their chances of passing the Merchant Navy exam and gain an advantage over their peers by taking the Merchant Navy course. So it is important for you to pick our merchant navy coaching program and course that fits your needs and schedule.


SubjectQuestionsTotal QuestionsDuration
Math's25100 60minutes
Science2510060 Minutes
English2510060 Minutes
General Knowledge2510060 Minutes


S.No.Time PeriodTypeCharges
1.1 MonthCrash Course₹12000
2.3 MonthRegular Course₹21000
3.6 MonthRegular Course₹36000
4.1 YearFull Course₹48000

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