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At RANTRA, the first question we ask you is ‘Do you have it in you’?

If you dream of…being a leader of battle-hardened personnel …leading your teams to locations extraordinaire …challenging your will, determination, and strength to ultimate limits … performing tasks other than normal …achieving results unparalleled…then do not think twice.

RANTRA Defence Academy, Dehradun amalgamates the experiences of Col. Praneet Dangwal, SM(Retd.) and Capt. Amit Tomar (Merchant Navy) to prepare an effective training program to groom you to succeed and live your dream of becoming a leader in the Armed Forces.

Join RANTRA, best Defence academy Dehradun and access various courses, study materials, and development programs to help you prepare for the various written entrance exams to join the armed forces, excel in physical fitness test, and interview through expert guidance from experienced faculty.

RANTRA is one of the top Defence academy in Dehradun. The courses offered are – NDA, NDA Foundation, AFCAT,CDS & Merchant Navy. To know more about us, contact us today or visit our campus for a personalized experience!


Join RANTRA, Dehradun’s best Defence academy and access various courses, study materials, and development programs to help you prepare for the written entrance exams for NDA & CDSE, physical fitness test, and interview along with expert guidance to prepare you for the entrance exams.


Specialized Training

We offer specialized training in physical fitness, mental toughness, and specific skill sets that strengthen the foundation of an aspirant aspiring to serve his nation. These training programs are designed to enhance the overall development of the candidate and make them competent for the Defence services.


Expert Guidance

As the best Defence academy in Dehradun our Training Team comprises of expert experienced soldiers, who have served throughout the country. The training program designed by them is an amalgamation of their learnings in the field which will guide you to prepare successfully for the competition ahead.


Structured Curriculum

We have a structured curriculum that covers all the necessary topics and areas that strengthen the foundation of an aspirant aspiring to serve his nation. The curriculum includes training in areas such as physical fitness, mental aptitude, leadership skills, and tactical training.


Increased Confidence

We help candidates build their confidence and self-esteem. The rigorous training and guidance provided by us that strengthen the foundation of an aspirant aspiring to serve his nation.

Course 1

Message From The Mentors

We are honored to address you today as you embark on the journey of becoming a part of this noble and proud institution. It gives us immense pleasure to share our experiences with you and guide you through this challenging yet rewarding path. The Indian Armed Forces is an institution that demands the highest level of commitment, dedication, and sacrifice. It is not just a profession, but a way of life that requires physical and mental strength, courage, and the ability to take quick decisions in the face of adversity. The training at RANTRA Defence Academy, Dehradun will prepare you for the future.

As you begin your journey with us at RANTRA Defence Academy Dehradun, we urge you to focus on the values of the Indian Armed Forces – Honor, Courage, and Sacrifice. You will undergo a rigorous and demanding training program at the RANTRA Defence Academy, Dehradun that will test your physical, mental, and emotional abilities. The training will push you to your limits and help you discover your true potential. The lessons you will learn during your training will stay with you throughout your life and will help you overcome any challenge that comes your way. We wish you all the best as you embark on this journey with us at RANTRA Defence Training Academy, Dehradun. We’re confident that you will emerge as a winner. Jai Hind!

Our Achievers

At Rantra Defence Academy, we take immense pride in the accomplishments of our students who consistently strive for excellence in their pursuit of serving the nation. Today, we applaud the remarkable achievements of some of our brightest stars:

Priyanshu Kholiya: We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Priyanshu Kholiya for his outstanding success in clearing the NDA (National Defence Academy) examination. Priyanshu's dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment have rightfully earned him this prestigious achievement. His journey stands as an inspiration to aspiring candidates, showcasing the power of perseverance and determination.

Ajai Singh Negi & Manoj Negi: It is with great joy that we announce the success of Ajai Singh Negi and Manoj Negi in clearing the AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) examination. Their exceptional performance reflects not only their academic prowess but also their passion for serving the nation through the Indian Air Force. We commend their diligence and commendable efforts in reaching this significant milestone.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of Priyanshu, Ajai Singh, Manoj, and all our achievers, we also recognize the invaluable support of our dedicated faculty and staff who guide and mentor our students towards success. Together, we continue to uphold the values of integrity, discipline, and excellence that define RANTRA Defence Academy. Congratulations to Priyanshu Kholiya, Ajai Singh Negi, Manoj Negi, and all our achievers! Your achievements inspire us all and reinforce our commitment to nurturing future leaders of our armed forces.

Course 1